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The Stress Reset Protocol

Updated: Jul 7, 2023

Through all my years of trying to discover the root cause of my health issues, I was missing a key component. I was really good at gathering information through functional labs, reading research articles, and listening to the latest guru on the best diet or lifestyle habit that could benefit me the most…

But no matter what I tried, I felt OVERWHELMED and TIRED OF BEING TIRED, and STRESSED OUT most of the time…

It wasn’t until my fourth decade that I said, enough is enough. Once again I was experiencing anxiety/racing thoughts, terrible back pain, indigestion, constipation, fatigue, brain fog, irritability (yelling a lot) and other unpleasant symptoms of hormonal imbalance. This time, it really caught my attention…

I was already doing all I learned to do from my functional medicine training. I was supporting my adrenals with ashwagandha and herbal remedies, taking expensive supplements to ‘heal my gut’, and completed 3 rounds of parasite protocols to see if that would help…

No matter what supplements I took- it didn’t help me feel calm or less OVERWHELMED…

What was I missing? I did all the functional labs on myself. I knew my genetic pathways and what nutritional deficiencies to override, and I was eating a clean Paleo style diet. By most people's standards I was living a very healthy lifestyle…

But why did I feel so anxious inside? Why did I feel like I could never do enough or get enough done… or accomplish enough to feel like I was Worthy? Would I ever arrive at the destination that I had in my thoughts that said: “Congratulations- you have made it, you can now relax, because you’ve accomplished all the things you wanted to and you are ENOUGH, WORTHY and LOVED BECAUSE YOU ARE YOU…”

I read a book called Sensitive is the New Strong by Anita Moorjani, I scored 30/30 on the Are you an empath test…I didn’t really know what that meant, but as I continued to read on, it became clear that a lot of my overwhelm was coming from sensory overload.

Here are some characteristics of an empath, and if you answer ‘yes’ to most of these, then chances are, you are an empath too!

  • You can sense other people's emotions easily (I am a human lie detector)

  • You're sensitive to coffee, alcohol, or other substances

  • You get anxious easily

  • You find crowded spaces overwhelming

  • You can't tolerate loud noises

  • You hate clutter

  • You don't like being rushed

  • You can sometimes smell things before other people, and intense smells can be upsetting

  • You can "read a room" when you enter it

  • You feel other people's energy

  • You don't like seeing violence on TV and in movies as it affects you more than others

You see, when you are an empath, or highly sensitive person, most of what you are feeling isn’t even yours! We can sense emotions in another person, especially loved ones, at a higher level than they feel it themselves. So our nervous system can start to react to that emotion before we become aware of what is going on- creating overstimulation and high reactivity!

I worked with a trauma therapist who explained that growing up as an empath and not knowing it, created ‘little t’ trauma that led to patterns of putting my needs last, please-pleasing, overgiving, and overachieving. As well as an inner child who was scared of disappointing others, feared criticism, felt like she didn’t matter, and never felt she was ENOUGH no matter how hard she tried or what she accomplished…

I had to stop running from myself and the discomfort I felt inside… I needed to change my inner focus to a more loving, accepting voice that believed in herself…

When I began to listen to the inside voice, I learned that the destination of being ENOUGH that I had in my thoughts was not a destination outside myself, it was a feeling I could give myself RIGHT NOW!!!!

I realized that I could cultivate the feeling of ENOUGHNESS inside myself in the moments that I honored my needs first and said “NO” to keep my boundaries intact. By honoring myself first, this prevented me from hitting the ‘whipping a dead horse’ phase, you know the one, also termed as ‘trying to give from an empty cup’... or BURNOUT…

The inside voice also helped me realize that I couldn’t fix everyone and it wasn’t my responsibility to. Read that again… it is not our responsibility to FIX ANYONE. Well, that was a new concept to me, since I was the 'fixer’ and the ‘go-to’ for all the needs of the family/friends, the ‘problem-solver’ for many patients and loved ones…Taking care of everyone and everything, trying to FIX it all, was EXHAUSTING…removing that responsibility was key to helping my body relax…

But how do I get my body to stay in a relaxed ‘FLOW’ state??? I kept hitting resistance, struggle, FEAR, and was holding on to all the ways of BEING I knew so well…

The road TO OVERWHELM was very well traveled, I wasn’t sure I could actually take a different road that flowed with life without all the struggle, stress, and overwhelm…

I worked on my mindset, accepting that life is happening FOR me and NOT TO me…focusing on empowering thoughts and words that centered around what I wanted to attract rather than being a victim to my circumstance…

Then a miracle happened!!!!

I was introduced to Dr. Bob Rakowski, who is a long time functional medicine practitioner, chiropractor, and nutritionist. He connected the dots between the physiology of stress and chronic symptoms. He explained how living in a prolonged ‘stress state’ made the cells of the body unable to function well.

Basically, every process of the body is impacted when we live in a ‘fight or flight’ state, (think of it like you are going to be eaten by a bear constantly, pretty scary right?). This creates an environment in our body that is in constant reactive mode....REACTING TO EVERYTHING!!!

The lightbulb started to go off in my head… this could be the missing puzzle piece to my health and why many of the chronic health issues were not resolved despite my efforts…

Dr. Rakowski introduced me to his stress reset protocol that he had been using for many years for all kinds of situations and ailments. It sparked my interest and curiosity because I had tried so many things before and nothing seemed to help…

So I decided to try the stress reset protocol…I had nothing to lose and everything to gain. He explained that it was a safe and effective protocol that had very few side effects and was generally well tolerated…

The protocol required frequent dosing, so I set the alarm on my phone to remember to take each dose. It did not take long to notice its effects. After a couple days, I was amazed at how my brain and body started to feel calm. The racing thoughts, indigestion/bloating, restlessness, and fatigue started to decrease and my brain became clear and focused. It was astonishing at how calm I felt inside- I couldn’t remember the last time I felt this calm. I remember it felt weird, I was not used to feeling CALM…

I completed the protocol for seven days, it can go longer, but I felt like seven days was enough for me. It has been life changing for me to witness how the stress reset has transformed my INNER CALM. My body continues to remain in a calm state, and I am able to sleep soundly through the night. I wake up energized, joyful, in gratitude and excited for the day!

To be present in each moment, without racing thoughts, anxiety and overwhelm, has allowed me a state of inner peace and calm that I am so thankful for.

Health and wellness is a skill set that we can learn. Being human can be complicated, and to figure out how to heal and acquire the skill set to do so, can be overwhelming and complex… finding somebody you trust, who walks the walk and talks the talk, can make all the difference.

The stress reset protocol improved my health and the health for many of my clients. I share it with you, with the intention that it will be a powerful tool in your tool kit as you build your skill set for health and well-being.

In Gratitude & Health,


Dr Bob’s Stress Reset Protocol:

Stress Release Drops : ½ dropperful every hour while awake until 5 p.m.

Stress Reset Drops : ½ dropperful every hour while awake after 5 p.m.

Organo Reishi spore powder capsules : 1-2 capsules every hour while awake

The protocol can be done 7-10 days, up to 30 days depending on your stress level.

Pre-order Available for Stress Reset Drops! Order The Stress Reset Protocol Here!!!!

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