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I was sick from a young age with asthma, eczema, abdominal pain, allergies, itchy eyes, sinus congestion/infections, boils, anemia, fatigue, constipation, bloating, and body pain. I was quite frustrated with the doctors who told me I was just anxious and depressed, and handed me more pills that didn’t work. My symptoms kept getting worse despite multiple rounds of antibiotics, steroids, and antihistamines. It was like a never ending cycle that left me feeling hopeless and depressed. 

It wasn't until my parents took me to some chiropractors, who began to treat the ROOT CAUSE of my symptoms, that I began to heal. The body tells us when something is out of whack and it gets louder and louder until we pay attention. After many years of trying figure out my own health and continuing to learn and grow as a person, I have finally arrived to a place of health and well-being.

Through the process I have discovered common patterns that keep people sick, out of balance, and yearning for answers. It is my true heart desire share with you all that I have learned not only in my own healing journey, but from the extensive experience in helping my clients heal.  Feeling health and vibrant is our birthright and once we really learn to listen to our innate intuition and inner guidance, we can create the health we truly deserve.

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