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Heavenly Freeze-dried fresh coconut that first gives you a nice crunch and then just melts in your mouth. Lovely taste and all the good fats from the Coconut. Each piece is about 1 carb only.  All the benefits of coconut. Sold in this sample bag of 5 grams or 100, 300, and 1000 gram bags.


Energy value 1248 kJ 671 Kcal, Fat/fett 58.7 g Of which saturated fat/varav mättat fett 55.62 g, Carbs/Kolhydrater 28.92 g, Proteins 8.1 g, Salt 0.28 g, Fibre/Fibrer 1.3 g


The advantages of freeze-dried products: 

  • Freeze drying or lyophilization is the highest standard for product drying. Frost and vacuum are used in the process, which leads water into evaporation directly from ice to steam without entering a liquid phase. Skipping the liquid phase saves the structure of the product, which is why we get wonderful flavors and the best possible nutritional value for dried berries, fruit, vegetables, etc.! Freeze-dried foods are durable for up to 25 years. Freeze drying maintains 97% of the food's nutritional value. Other preservation methods, such as canning and drying, use high temperatures that destroy much of the nutritional value. Freeze-dried products get a lovely crunchiness and are super light in weight, very convenient when you're on the go.


What is the process of freeze-drying food?

  • The food is placed in a vacuum chamber where the temperature is lowered to below freezing. The temperature is slowly raised, along with some pressure, causing the water (which is now ice) in the food to break out of the food. Then the air is sucked out of the chamber, lowering the pressure, causing the water to change from the solid state of ice, straight into water vapor that collects on the freezer coils, while the rest of the food remains intact. So it literally just extracts the water (99% of it)


Freeze-dried food 

  • Are tasty (for the above reasons). Is lighter and usually costs a little more, because the process is more expensive but in return, the products are more concentrated and you need less. Each product has a shelf life unopened and then a shelf life when opened. We have found that most products have an unopened shelf life of around 25 years and a shelf life of one year once the can has been opened, but this assumes that it has not been opened.


Freeze-dried ingredients have no liquid in them, so your products won't water down your soup, cream, or sauce. Instead, it will be packed with concentrated flavor.


No additives or sulfites are used during the freeze-drying process so ingredients are full of natural nutrients and vitamins instead of excess chemicals, dyes, or by-products.


As if that wasn't enough, freeze-dried products are naturally gluten-free, so it fits into many diets and sugar-free lifestyle.


Since many fruits are not in season all year round, freeze-dried is also a way to get fresh flavors all year round.


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