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Put yourself first, Start Today! For the person feeling overwhelmed, chaotic, and tired of it all.

You like to put the focus on our spouse, significant other, our boss, family, friends, co-workers, kids, and circumstances when you need support… You just need support- someone to listen to you, love you and tell you it is going to be ok…but in reality, you actually are yearning to hear it from yourself.

It is the more common and oftentimes easier road to ask for the reassurance, love, and support from an external source, but the place inside you that is in need of those things is screaming for your attention. I notice in my own life I would call a friend, reach out for external validation, achieve something, do something for someone, over give, and people please when I needed  support or to feel good. The problem is… this left me disappointed in my spouse, kids, family, pretty much everyone/everything b/c the support/love/reassurance wasn’t on my timeline or exactly how I wanted it. 

It finally dawned on me that those things really needed to come from me. It was in that moment I realized I had no idea how to do that for myself. What do you mean I need to fill my own cup with support/love/reassurance? That sounds hard, unfamiliar, scary…I don’t know where that road will lead or what it looks like. I am more familiar with the road that is angry, resentful, over efforting, overachieving, controlling everything (and everyone), constant overwhelm to prove myself…feel enough…feel worthy, a never ending cycle of chaotic energy.

When you push yourself to the limit, packing your schedule full, managing so many things you get lost in the shuffle… you know what you need but don’t make time to choose it b/c your life situation is so busy, busy, busy. You create overwhelm and disconnect from yourself… you want to lose the 15 lbs, get rid of sinus issues, gut issues, sleep issues, anxiety issues… but you rarely take time for yourself. You think meditating, walking, or yoga could help, but you don’t make time for them, your needs get pushed further and further down the to-do list.

You know all the things and have tried many of them including restrictive diets, going to bed earlier, and joining a gym b/c that is how you lose weight and feel better, right? But you don’t stick with it b/c life gets too busy. You take care of everyone and everything before yourself. You think maybe tomorrow you will get your walk in, or do something you enjoy for yourself. But tomorrow never happens. Pretty soon you become aware of your reality- overweight, tired, congested, grumpy, unhappy with your relationships, yourself, your kids/family, and with your life situation… where is the joy in that?

You are a magnificent joyful, abundant, loving, infinite, peaceful Being at your core. This Essence gets covered up by the conditioning of “should have” “could have” suppose to” and “what will people think if” and those patterns drive mentality and choices. Until you become aware of your thought patterns and what you are focused on, what you are prioritizing, you will continue to be a victim to external circumstance and wonder why the heck you keep getting sick, can’t lose weight, feel tired all the time, are angry a lot, and feeling blah towards life. 

I hit the ceiling with functional medicine, conventional medicine, allopathic medicine, chiropractic, pretty much all the modalities of medicine that are outside myself. They worked to a certain level, but when I kept getting symptoms I knew there was more work to do. Awakening to the power that lies within. The power that is within each one of us. You deserve to feel fully connected to your sense of Self, and to be able to make your decisions from a calm center. Breaking free from the chaotic life- all the noise clouding your signal- the one voice that matters most that can speak to you when your channel becomes more clear of the noise.

What is the first step to clear up your channel, taking inventory of what you are doing everyday and what drains you and what gives you energy. Where you are letting your needs get pushed to the back burner and where are you overly concerned with matters that are not of your concern… where can you take time for yourself to start to figure you out? In what way can you start to trust that inner voice within?

Once you have taken inventory, spend some time making a list of all the things that bother you, I mean all the things… the dog barking, kids shoes everywhere, dirty dishes, grocery shopping, laundry, repeating yourself, the way your partner/spouse eats/sleeps/drives, bad drivers, politics, school schedules, never feeling enough no matter how hard you try, etc. Get all the things out on paper. I think my list was 4 pages long, single spaced… then rate each thing on a scale of 1-10 in terms of how much they bother you. 1 being minor irritation and 10/10 being hurts you to your core. Once you have made your list and rated the items, begin clearing each item out of your energy field by using this technique: (start with the 1’s and work your way up)

Holographic Deletion Technique: (taught by Dr Gabe Roberts)

  1. Feel the icky body feelings in your body when you think about the thing that irritates you, point to it with your hand (first impression, where do you feel it- the subconscious mind answers first- correctly- and you will have an insane urge to change what it is saying- but do your best to trust what comes up and what your body is trying to tell you)

  2. With your other hand, visualize a color related to the icky feeling, trust the answer and just go with it. With the other hand point to where you see the color out if front of you- this is the location of the imprint in your holographic field (there is no right or wrong answer here, just trust where your hands go and trust the process- this is a way to clear the energy so you can hear your intuitive voice)

  3. Put a black frame around the color/picture with both hands. This helps your mind/subconscious focus in on the imprint.

  4. Once you have located the icky feeling with one hand and the color/picture outside yourself in front of you with the other hand, and put a black frame around it-ask yourself “Is this icky feeling something I would like to get rid of” listen for yes/no. If the answer is yes, ask “are there lessons I am to keep from this?” if the answer is yes, start to scribble with your hand like you are writing in the air (I know this sounds weird, but it helps to rewrite your subconscious patterning and it can take a bit, it also helps release built up icky body feelings associated with that imprint- take your time and scribble as long as needed- until you feel complete)

  5. Once complete, ask “Is this something I want to get rid of” if the answer is yes, pretend there is a dial on the bottom of the black frame and turn the dial up and down and notice which way feels better (turn it all the way up towards the way that feels best up/down) once you have dialed the color/picture all the way up- expand that picture/color wide and see how that feels- then shrink it down like you are wading up a piece of trash and see how that feels. Once it is wadded up into a about the size of a quarter- take it and toss it over your shoulder and visualize it going into a fire, trash can, hot lava, thrown off the edges of the earth-being disposed of someway. This clears the imprint from your energy.

  6. Repeat this exercise for all the items on your list and clear them starting with the 1’s and working your way up to the 10/10’s.

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